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Genre: RPG
Author: Josh Campbell
Added On: July 14, 2015 @ 9:00 AM
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Enter Fade:  A world where Life and Death are a tangible currency. Play as two Twin Brothers: Blank and Nix, slaves forged from Blue Mana Sand mined in a vast blue dune. Help them confront an empire to break free of their shackles and shape the future of Fade. Discover the mysteries of the strange Blue sand and the origin of the slave boys in Episode 1 of Fade: Balen's Bondage.

  • Inspired by SNES era JRPG's, Fade attempts to recapture the feeling and aesthetic of the much loved classics.
  • Created by a one man team with no formal training, Fade represents the first project for Navygreen Games and future Game Developer, Josh Campbell.


  • Great Glassic Art Style!  
  • Adult and Child Sprites for main Characters!
  • 2 tile Sprites for adult characters. Created using Looseleaf's MACKstyle Sprite Generator with significant customization through photoshop.
  • Unique custom side-view battle system using Yami's Battle symphony.
  • Custom Magic System – Mechanics created specifically for Blood and Holy Magic. Created by Josh Campbell with A LOT of help from the RPGweb forums.
  • Exciting Story written by Josh Campbell.

    Special Thanks to my AMAZING fiance Leah Hinnigan for the Cover Art, as well as a ton of love and support!