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Genre: Adventure
Author: cankero
Added On: July 14, 2015 @ 10:12 AM
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-- Join this silent child on his journey through a dream, and lead him to the 'exit' till the clock strikes twelve.
The growth of doubts and curiosity and burdening emotions are going to gently tease both main character and dear player, as you meet and choose and 'take care' of reflection copies.
-- By the way, beware the liar. Who.. Who exacly is a master copy?

engine -------- RPG Maker 2003v! [no battles though]
genre --------- adventure with puzzles
atmosphere - gentle, yet a little eerie [no disturbing content]
features ------ original everything [music, graphics, sound effects]
bonus --------- still no barrels! [counting my previous work]
completion -- 100% [download is available!]

whole game by me, [cankero], via RPG Maker 2003v!
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