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Kyoukou Academy Temple Survival (Mini-Game)

Kyoukou Academy Temple Survival (Mini-Game)
Kyoukou Academy Temple Survival (Mini-Game)
Kyoukou Academy Temple Survival (Mini-Game)
Kyoukou Academy Temple Survival (Mini-Game)
Kyoukou Academy Temple Survival (Mini-Game)
Kyoukou Academy Temple Survival (Mini-Game)
Kyoukou Academy Temple Survival (Mini-Game)
Kyoukou Academy Temple Survival (Mini-Game)

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Genre: RPG
Author: Eric Melody
Added On: July 15, 2015 @ 11:28 AM
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Name: Kyoukou Academy Temple Survival

Game Type: Strategy/Survival/Mini-Game

  • Goal: In this difficult and addicting game your goal is to survive as long as you can against strong foes and reach the highest level possible in the game (Lvl 99).
  • Your enemies: The monsters are spawn randomly so there is no telling who or what you will face when the game has begun. Some monsters are stronger than others and the same goes for the bosses you will face in the game.
  • Special Bosses: In the game there are seven bosses that are named after the "7 Deadly Sins." Each "Sin Team Boss" has their own tactics to help make you lose in battle. They also have their own  dialogue that gives you a hint to which "Sin Team" they are. They are not all equal in strengh and  each one has their own strengh and weaknesses. You just have to find them. Once you defeat a special boss you gain a ton of Exp to help make leveling easier for you.
  • Battle System: The battle system is side-view, and most of everything in the battle will be animated. However there are not any battle animations for the characters beside the fact that when it is their turn they will move up and go back when they are done. The skills are very much so pretty cool and some maybe a little overkill but still cool to look at. Every skill used does  cost Mana Points or Tranite Points (Tray-Night). At the beginning of the game you will not have many moves or skills to choose from but as you level up you will see growth in the characters and their abilities.
  • Weapons and Armor: Each character in the game has their own specific and specialized weapon and armor  they will be able to use. Each item is of course more costly than others and some make you want to work hard because of the properties they give your character.
  • Character Creation: Sorry but there is not a character creation system in this game as of now. Being that this is one of the first game I have ever created something like that is a little  too complicated for me right now. I can see a CCS (Character Creation System) coming in later updates having to do with this game when I get a firmer grasp on scripting but as of right now you will have to use the default Character given to you. However there is a formation changing system that allows you to choose your favorite character in the game and put him/her as leader of the group. 
  • NPC: There are six NPC in total in the game.  Each one sells a specific type of item or tool to help you in battle. 


  • ECG (Eko Call Glitch): In the game there is a skill that will be given to melody at level 23 called (Eko Silent Winds) that calls forth another character to aid you in battle then leave, but unlike the other skill just like it the character does not leave and you are stuck with it for the rest of the game if you did not save your progress before getting the skill. Long story short, DO NOT USE "EKO SILENT WINDS!!!"


I do not own the music that is used in the game. 

Most of the art and character creation in the game I did have help with thanks to Rpg Maker VX Ace.

The title screen, game name, Characters, game name, and idea of the game all put together is owned by me. 

I thank all the people who helped aid me with music and rpg maker for making my idea be a reality.