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Run! Run Black!! Run!!!

Run! Run Black!! Run!!!
Run! Run Black!! Run!!!
Run! Run Black!! Run!!!

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Genre: Platformer
Author: jinkazama82it
Added On: July 15, 2015 @ 4:38 PM
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Hi and thanks to all, this is a full and complete flash game made with stencyl.

You can play it via browser or download it, for download the file right click on link and save the destination on your desktop or where you prefer (minimum requirement adobe player ver 10 or similar software).

I have released it in flash because flash game are playable in all OS.


You are a black homunculus named Black and is time for Black to start his journey, help Black to survive in an extreme run.

What to do in this game, is a very "simple" game, this is a platformer run game, but for survive you need to use all your skill (or skill of Black).


[main control]

right arrow: run

space: jump

down arrow: crouch (sometime you need to stop run and crouch)

Keyboard L: load last checkpoint


[ control when black run]

run + down arrow: slide

run + shift + space: long jump (you need it for evade some enemy but you need a good timing for jump enemy with this action)


Good playing to all.