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As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below
As Above, So Below
As Above, So Below

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Genre: RPG
Author: Diretooth
Added On: July 15, 2015 @ 6:15 PM
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The Heart of Fire... Long ago, before the age of civility, our forefathers discovered this strange artifact. Blazing with intense flame, whosoever touched it was granted great power. This power came to be known as magic, which changed the world forever. Many wars were fought for the chance to touch it, and though all of the nations of the world gained it at least once, it was lost. Many years after, magic began to wane, men and women of powerful bloodlines grew weaker and weaker as the ages passed. Feats of great magical power ceased to be. And now, at the very edge of magic's existence, I who am one of few sorcerers in this world have come to this place in search of that wonderous item. I am joined only by my familiar, a wolf named Argo, whom I can summon at will, and bring with me only the bare necessities. I will face many trials, I am sure of it, and I will grow more powerful as I seek out the Heart. My name is Enron Dai Grisson, and my works will not cease to exist.

As Above, So Below is the story of my journey. Transcribed from my own personal journal into the format of a video game, it is a wonder to behold. My assitant, whose use name is Diretooth, which I find to be a rather queer use name myself, has done everything he could within this short period of time to even render it in any symbolic manner. (Which, I personally think he does rather poorly at.) Regardless, you are here to read about my journey so you can decide if you even want to participate in it.
You Earthkin really are a strange people.



Enron Dai Grisson: Id est, myself. I am just your basic sorcerer. Really, by the time I got to Taellan, I could barely cast a spell, even though I'd been studying for years. However, in spite of that, I had great potential and knew at least four spells, and given that I'm around twenty-one, that's more than most wizards learn in their lifetime!


Onren Vel Greyheir: My self-proclaimed rival. I'd heard rumors about him. Arrogant, unscrupulous, and likes to kick little dogs. He too seeks the Heart of Fire, and he's much more powerful than I am. But, where he had power, I had guile and numbers.

Argo: Sadly, I do not have a picture for this lovable guy, and somebody is terrible at rendering things in a symbolic manner, so there likely won't be one. However, Argo is intelligent and loyal to a fault. He will never betray me. Ever.

Of course, there are a great deal of individuals whom I met during my journey, most of which are more tertiary than anything else. Just please, be wary of Jean-Laque. I believe that man to be a lunatic.

Miscellaneous Details:
Ah, it seems we are at the end of my little narration. I will allow Diretooth to speak.

Hey, all. This is Diretooth. Enron's a barrel of laughs, isn't he?
Anyway, As Above, So Below is brought to you by Earthkin Entertainment, where 'the world is your game'.

I have to say, working on this project so far has been simultaenously exciting and harrowing. I started this project two days after the contest started, and have been working basically non-stop while simultaneously looking for a job, because that's what adults do and I need to learn how to adult.

Anyway, As Above, So Below is full of symbolism, particutlarly magical. As such, the game includes the image of the pentagram in it, which as a magical tool is more for protection than anything evil or dark. (As a side note, the pentagram inverted, which has yet to be implemented, is not evil itself.)

If you feel that you do not want to play a game that features the pentagram as a major part of its symbolism, then you are free to do anything but play the game. But, if you want a fun adventure where you get to fight all sorts of monsters and solve challenging puzzles, then go ahead.
As another side note, I do not currently have a demo made. The dowload link leads to a picture of Enron, because I wasn't able to do any form of editing to this until I supplied one. So if you want a picture of Enron, go ahead and download it.

Anyway, have a wonderful day, I look forward to finishing this thing and winning!

That is assuming, of course, that you do indeed win.

You're being pessimistic, Enron.

I'm being realistic. You have neither the skill, nor the intelligence, to pull off a decently made game.

Mostly because you showed up waving that journal in my face, tempting me with...

'Ignore those two. They always do that.'

Argo, you're supposed to agree with me, not undermine me!

And whose fault is that?

"Why, you little..!"

*Connection lost. Have a pleasant day!*