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Dreaming Alone

Dreaming Alone

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Genre: Action
Added On: July 16, 2015 @ 1:49 AM
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Hello guys we know that we are starting a little late but we are still going to give it a shot at this amazing competition! Stay tunned for more content of the game!
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Dreaming Alone


" Hello everyone…

My name is Tommy, and I’m your everyday around the corner playing in a park kid, I’m joyful sometimes and very happy, always laughing and singing songs, climbing trees and catching butterflies and other bugs, making mud pies and cakes . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . yeah . . . . . .right. . . . .

At least I used to be like that . . . . . and I wish I could be like that even today, but the truth is. . . I can’t. . . . It is simply, impossible. . . "


Tommy is alone in the world, and he doesn't know were everyone went and why he was left alone! The only thing that he knows is that in his Dreams he has lots of friends, and goes with them in amazing adventures! Until he finds out that these adventures aren't just fiction in his head. . .


Dreaming Alone is an Action RPG style game, but more towards the Action part, where the player will have to solve mysteries presented in main character life, but these misteries are also connected with his dreams. In the Dream World the player will have a lot more freedom, and will engaged in alluring combats filled with magic and medival characters!  



Assets used:

All of the HumbleBundle Game Making Bundle DRM Free Assets that fit our needs since we don't have a Designer! 


Concept art