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everything is going to be OK

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Genre: Adventure
Author: Nikki PLEXIS
Added On: July 16, 2015 @ 1:17 PM
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everything is going to be OK is a game that features unique game mechanics and rpg elements and takes place in the desert of the southwestern United States somewhere in the not so distant future. After breaking down in the middle of nowhere, staying put isn't an option. Set out across the unknown desert into what only promises more questions about how you got there.


  • Custom graphics by charblar
  • Custom GUI via Luna Engine by Zeigfried Mcbacon
  • Keep on top of staying hydrated with the thirst game mechanic.
  • Large expanses of nothingness.

Devloper Note

If you downloaded the game before August 7th please redownload most copies were screwed up I'm sorry.