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Simon Says...

Simon Says...
Simon Says...
Simon Says...
Simon Says...
Simon Says...

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Genre: Adventure
Author: Ignacio Lavaggi
Added On: July 17, 2015 @ 9:24 PM
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(No download available yet) [Work in progress!]

Edit! (20/7/15)
We're still working in the art, soon we'll hace a functional part of the game for you to download :D Meanwhile, we're uploading some screenshots of the artwork. Hope you like them!


Meet Philippe.
He is quite a quiet and calm guy, who likes to read a lot. He never had many friends.
One day, he meets Simon, quite an energic lad, who tries to take Phillipe away from his monotony. But that very day, Philippe's parents went missing without explanation, although they never left the house...

Philippe has to join Simon to search for any clues that his parents could have left in the house, as Philippe's world quickly becomes corrupted by an unknown force. He needs to act and think quickly, before it's too late.

Enter in Philippe's mind in this dark and creepy atmosphere, try to understand what is happening, and discover the dark little secret that Simon bears.


  • Retro-style Point and Click adventure!
  • Hand-drawn characters and enviroinment
  • Enviroinment reacts to your in-game decisions
  • More features coming soon!