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Explorer: Temple

Explorer: Temple

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Genre: Puzzle
Author: Michael Barley
Added On: July 18, 2015 @ 8:59 AM
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This new game by UGamer brings in aspects of a new type of game. This heavily puzzle based temple game sees the main character ‘Edwin Chapman’ discover a lost temple. The temple is based off of the Aztec design although the temples creators are not named. As he goes exploring, he ends up lost whilst attempting to find the riches of the temple and the ever evolving science of it. Venture through this temple and watch as it grows more and more sophisticated. The question is, how does he escape? That is your job…

'Explorer: Temple' is the first game in a saga that we wish to continue as we learn and develop within game development. That means that this game's ending is left on a cliff hanger so that we can release a follow on game where you explore new areas and collect old and forgotten relics.


    To incorporate the twist into the game, we have made the character grow when he drinks a potion so that he can move a boulder that blocks his way. As well as this, we added a more subtle sway on the theme. You also grow insane as you spend more and more time trapped in the temple. This is also aimed towards the given twist in the competition.

For the download and walkthrough/ tutorial, visit our website.

Website: http://michaelbarley.wix.com/ugamerpro