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Genre: Simulation
Author: Aric Morrow
Added On: July 18, 2015 @ 11:39 PM
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Note:Since I forgot to put it in the tutorial, right clicking on your well will replenish your watering can, and Right clicking a conveyor belt will rotate it!

Verdant is a classic style farming simulation focusing on player choice, from the layouts of your fields to how you want to focus your efforts between harvest volume or quality plants, various automation machines will be available in the final version with a handful planned for the contest version of the game! Prepare to get out your hoe, watering can and fertilizer because this is one game about putting on your work glove's and lovingly nourishing your plants as they grow!

Verdant includes the following for the contest:

  • 7 different crops to grow for the contest launch
  • Every Crop has a lasting effect on the soil, Optimal crop rotations can be tricky
  • Crops have preferences for both Water levels and Soil quality levels, find the sweet spot to maximize your profits!
  • A unique ability to move your crops via the Conveyor Belt!
  • Plan your fields out and place and move items like the shipping box and wells

Rating Interactive Elements
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