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Genre: RPG
Author: Bob
Added On: July 19, 2015 @ 4:50 PM
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Download Link in description has the following enchancements:

  • Corrected Button Prompts
  • Element swapping mid-battle
  • Final Boss balancing, compliments to "Bandit King" for input.
  • Multi-turns glitch fixed (this bug was birthed with EX mode version, but is now fixed.)

I wanted to release an update that had a harder dificulty, while addressing some feedback I received on small gameplay issues.

I did not change much more than that because I wanted to stay true to the version I submitted by the deadline.  If you have never experiance "Never Fallen" before, you are in for a real treat with this version.  And if you are a returning player - I welcome you back... to the ultimate test of your RPG playing abilities: EX MODE! (I have beaten EX mode myself, you are guaranteed it is possible.)


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Game Features

  • 1.5 to 2 hours of gameplay
  • 4 endings
  • No random encounters!   *Enemies follow set paths, learn them to dodge the encounter.
  • 6 diverse classes - Defender, Cleric, Duelist, Wizard, Rouge, Dark Knight
  • 12 elements that follow "rock-paper-scissors" strategy
  • Over 25 skills to learn and master
  • secret rooms
  • difficult optional bosses

Story Synopsys

    Accompany Prince Malcolm and Captain Rachel on their story of romance, love, and adversity. Malcolm thinks his life is perfect - until his marriage enthusiast sister, Princess Anne, sets him up on a blind date with the self-reliant (and quick tempered) Captain Rachel. After Malcolm’s harebrained actions end the date in shambles, he later returns to Rachel’s ship to apologize - only to find Rachel won’t hear him out. Malcolm makes the biggest mistake of his life when he spend the night on the ship – only to discover the ship has been infected with a rare virus that turns all electronics and robotics aboard hostile. Fortunately - powerful combat suits, known as ‘AEM suits’, make their way into the hand of Malcolm and his friends. Can Malcolm band together with the few remaining crew to take back the ship? Will Malcolm and Rachel’s stubborn views on love ever be changed? Find out in this epic tale of love, marriage, and the lengths two people can go to protect that which is most important to them.



Gameplay Features

"Rock Paper Scissors" Elemental combat rockpaper


Element Chart