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She Remained

She Remained
She Remained
She Remained
She Remained
She Remained

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Genre: Adventure
Author: ElementalCode
Added On: July 20, 2015 @ 7:30 AM
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She Remained

She remained is a story heavy, game heavily inspired in the Corpse Party series. Follow Marie, a young Urban Explorer, as she unveils the dark mysteries of an abandoned factory. Solve puzzles and try to change your fate in this eerie adventure game.


  • Carismatic characters.
  • Immersive story.
  • Awesome soundtrack.
  • Secrets to find.
  • Retro feeling.
  • A game made with RPG Maker that is NOT an RPG!

How to Play:

The controls are:

  • Arrow keys for character movement.
  • Z key to inspect items and general selecting purposes.
  • X key to open the menu and general cancelling purposes.

To enjoy the game, try soaking up in the short story behind it. I know reading might be lame, but i didn't have the time nor the resources to do voiceovers.

Adherence to the twist:

To fully experience the game as i imagined it, you should be able to grow fond to the characters as the story moves forward.

About the creator:

Hi, my name is Milton Candelero, a 21 years old Argentinian that is currently studying to become an engineer, but in my free time I enjoy making and playing games.

I never used RPG Maker before, but i got it from the Humble Bundle and i decided to make a game with it.

About the download:

The download button will download the full standalone version of the game. In other words is The game + the RTP (RPG Maker Runtime Files).

If you already have the RTP files in your computer you can look for the smaller file below.



I might have created some jumpscares by accident. Discresion is advised to sensitive public.