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Genre: Action
Author: Gazzapper
Added On: July 20, 2015 @ 2:57 PM
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ARRRGGH! Marines, Get Ready - Blast, dodge use tactics, strategy and quick reflexes to get the infection under control in this fast furious dual control action-fest where no one dies!

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(Minor updates)

 Quick Play Guide for Gamers!

  • All blocks are destructable
  • Dont waste bullets on Green friends
  • Grab items from yellow blocks
  • Drop blocks and mines for defense
  • Two game modes - Survival and Level Mode

The Story so far

Your name is Private Joe Blockhead of the Block Marines and your lands are under threat!

A Zombie Virus has taken hold and and it's spreading fast! 

You and many other of the Block Marines have been tasked with removing the infection from all the zones of your land.

Your team of scientists have come up with a cure in pellet form,  but it only lasts as long as the subject does not get re-infected!

Other marines have left behind some weapons and equipment for you to find hidden with the block walls of the town.

Ammo and mine drops will be carried out to re-supply your efforts.

Occasionly you can recruit a green civvie to join the ranks and help defend an area.

Shooting blocks gives you mini blocks that you can use to create small cordons or blockades against the infection.

Good Luck Marine! You're gonna need it!

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There are two game modes of play. Maybe even three if I have time.

1) Arena / Ablockalypse mode (survival mode) is just you and your gun and whomever you can recruit to help you. Fighting to stay alive and score as much as possible until the Zombies have been all been cured or until you are defeated! No Block builds are allowed in Survival Mode.

2) Town Clearance Levels: Using the blocks and resources available in the town, you must defeat the infection using strategy and tactics.

Strategies for Clearance Mode

  • Fight and remove using brute force and pellet firepower
  • Build structures and fortifications to house in the healthy and keep out enemies.
  • Recruit a team of Marines to follow you (Press Recruit button to have recruits follow when nearby) into heavily infected areas
  • A comibination of all of the above

Controls - Use either Keyboard or Gamepad (make sure gamepad is plugged in before launching game)

GamePad (E.g. Logitech F310 or XBOX 360)

F1 on Menu selects DUAL Stick,

Left stick = Movement

Right stick = Directional shooting

LB = Mines, RB = Drop Blocks

Left Hat Press  = Recruit

F2 selects Stick and Buttons (A,B,X,Y)

Left stick = Movement

A, B, X, Y buttons = Directional shooting

LB = Mines, RB = Drop Blocks

Left Hat Press  = Recruit


WASD - For moving
Arrow Keys - For shooting
F or Right Shift to drop mines
B or Right Ctrl to drop mini blocks
R to Recruit new Block Marines
R to call Block Marines to follow you

Use everything you can, if you wanna remain uninfected!


The virus spreads rapidly ('growing' in numbers) and

each newly infected Zombie will try to infect others and the

infected enemies 'grow' in size the longer they remain infected.

Shooting growing zombies will reduce their size but if not fully cured they

will grow again.



Gary Plowman is the Founder of Gazzapper Games. We are Based out of Dublin, Ireland and currently have a number of arcade retro games on the Google Playstore that have a large number of players. Our titles are approaching 1 million downloads so far. Follow me for more Updates ...

All assets are original and were created just for this contest :)

BTW - All SFX were done using my voice :)

My Other Playstore Titles

Still to do:

  • Global High Score Table [done]
  • Extra Weapons [some added]
  • Recruit Block Marines [added]
  • Create Mini Structures/Fortifications (like a 2D minecraft ... lol) [added]
  • Balance Adjustments [wip]
  • Music track [added]
  • Testing
  • If we have time - Split Screen Mode

Zombie Ablockalypse Credits

Gary Plowman (Gazzapper Games) - Coding / Artwork / SFX

Graham Plowman (Composer) - Music

Built using the GLBasic Coding Language