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Genre: Action
Author: Grahame Watkinson
Added On: July 22, 2015 @ 1:18 AM
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COMPLETE!!  Blurb:

The Thingummy's are a peaceful race, quietly getting on with their lives and expanding their colonies into space.  Then the invasion came. Swarms of alien robotic creatures invaded the Thingummy's colonies and all contact was lost.

Take control of Thingummy as he (or is it she, or it?) travels to the colony planets to try and rescue Thingummykind from the invaders.


Fly from one colony planet to another in your bubble-thingummy rescuing your fellow Thingummykind with the aid of your trusty pulse-blaster-thingummy and sucky-attractor-beam-thingummy.  Avoid, stun or destroy the invaders but bring the Thingummys home.

Incorporating the theme of "growth", Thingummy's bubble-thingummy will grow as you collect your friends - don't leave it too late to rescue your friends in tight places because you might just be too big to reach them...

Made with the fabulous AGK v2

Download available soon!

Update 26/07:

Main gameplay elements are in place now.  Fighting agaisnt time as I'm sure we all are.  On holiday from Saturday 1st August so my deadline is Friday 31/07.  Need to work on game levels, scoring, game over etc.

Update 29/07:

My deadline expires shortly due to holiday and there is so much I would love to add to this game. but it's working at least.  I will continue to develop it after the competition ends if there is enough positive feedback and maybe release to Windows, Android and IOS in the future.  The competition version will have 20 levels over 4 colonies if I burn the midnight oil a bit. Future updates will include:

  • A proper tutorial mode
  • Shaders to add polish
  • More particle effects to add polish
  • Polish some more
  • Improve some of the graphics (not the Kenney stuff)
  • Global high scores
  • Minimap
  • Physics objects to get in the way of poor ol' Thingummy
  • Moving, collapsing blocks
  • Forces like wind and black holes
  • Animated aliens
  • Moving aliens
  • Allow redefining of key controls
  • And polish ... did I mention more polish?

Update 31/07/15:

Well, that's it, as close as I can get within the timeframe.  I'm very proud to bring you Thingummy, download and enjoy.  If you derive some small pleasure from my game, please vote for it.  Thanks everyone for reading and, hopefully, taking the time to play.  Good luck everyone!