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Genre: Adventure
Author: Yossi Gispan
Added On: July 22, 2015 @ 9:40 AM
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Im a blank space bar..whooo!


Im a blank space bar..whooo!


Crystal Child is an adventure game taking place in a mysterious forest cursed by the winter

Play as Nika as she fights her way to save the forest.



  • Nika, the lost child (where are your parents!?)
  • Talking Tree
  • Talking Rocks
  • Talking Waterfall
  • Non-talking Snow strom
  • Evil Rocks! I mean really evil
  • Strange orbs you need to collect
  • A colorful Rainbow <3
  • A SECRET achievement (See below)
  • And more..


 WASD or ARROWS to move

[E] Use button


1 Sprint

Esc Exit 

Mouse Look Up / Down 

Mouse Wheel Zoom in / Out


There is a secret achievement hidden in game, find it and get this cute little Fire-Orb as your journey companion!



Wrote a Review about the game? let me know and ill post it here! 

(even if its a bad one ;)


The game was made under a month so its surely have some bugs, I welcome you to the Hall of Bugs! 

Found a new bug? let me know and ill enter it into the list

Invisible Trees - You will run into some invisible trees. and thats because..erm...they are hiding! *embarassed* 

Right Into the Action - The game does have a Main Menu, its just caused the game to crash 4 hours before the deadline so we had to remove it.

I miss him too.. *cry*

Flying Fire Orbs -  there are some flying orbs in the game you just cant get to..I mean you can try.. *Evil*

EeeeeeEeeeeEe - Somtimes you will have to click on [E] more then once in order to proceeeeeeeeeeeeed.

Dont talk and run - When you get messeage please stand and read (Press E) dont run around with an open messeage 

or the game text will bug out.

I can FLY - check what happens when you try to jump near the elder tree..this one was left there on purpose.


Windows 8 SmartScreen Error:

Windows 8 SmartScreen will not approve the game file since Im not a known publisher.

If this error shows up please click on 'more info' and then 'Run Anyway'.


Download Instructions:

Download from DropBox (no need to sign-in)


After you download please right click on the file > Extract All.

*Supports windows 7/8/8.1

*Support Multi-Resolutions 1920x1080, 1600x900, 1366x768.



If you are sitting there thinking "Hey, maybe I can do this." Get that game going.

and so we did.

I never worked so hard in my life and I never had so much fun while doing so!

IGMC is abosuloutly one of the most challanging things I have ever done and Im so thankful I got this opprtunity. 

Want to check some early development updates? check out my YouTube Chanel.

You can ask me anything at 

Dev01 Hey! my name is Yossi Gispan, Game Development student at Israel Animation Colleage.

Im using Uniy3D for about 2 years now and this is actually the very first game I ever released! :)

this was an amazing proccess to go through..and I want to thank anyone who takes part in it! 

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KerenDev02 Keren Rosenblatt, Project Manager and genuinely one of the shinning stars in my life.

She was there at every step in the journey, making sure the game will be delivered

in-time and in a playable state.  I would have never finished this project without her.