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Genre: RPG
Author: joshua Roland
Added On: July 08, 2015 @ 1:08 PM
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(FINAL VERSION) Have you ever wanted to explore a world in which your decisions have a direct effect on the environment? How about that, and find dozens of hilarious easter eggs, all while playing a compelling story that is not quite what it seems? Well that's what you're getting from Memories, a 2D fantasy RPG where your choices can change the world in which you play! You'd better choose wisely, because the choices you make also affect how the game ends! 

You play as Joshua, a young boy who meets the love of his life, Kaitlyn. Soon after, however, an unknown villain kidnaps her as Joshua watches helplessly!


A story that starts off sarcastically cliche but soon develops into a dark and serious plot.

A dynamic environment that changes based on the nature of the decisions you make.

Dozens of hilarious easter eggs 

Twist: This game uses the growth of the characters as an incorporation of the twist. Time passes by in the storyline, and the characters age.

Note:This is my first time making any sort of game, and my first time using RPG Maker. I've actually only owned it since I bought the bundle the day the contest started.

UPDATE: All game assets have been recovered! Although I cannot update the contest version of the game, I will be expanding it. Updates will be posted in the description. 1.4 IS THE FINAL CONTEST VERSION! 

ALL future updates will be on the website that is currently under construction:


Solaris X Studios

All assets (art/music) except for the following were aquired via the Humble 

Bundle sold at the beginning of the contest. I don't have any of the documentation and stuff because I lost the files when my hard drive failed.

Mapping: Joshua Roland

Story: Joshua Roland

Logos: Kaitlyn Love

Character Sprites and faces all done by Degica except for the following:

Joshua: Joshua Roland and Kaitlyn Love

Kaitlyn: Joshua Roland

Ol' J: Joshua Roland


Memories- Joshua Roland 

The rest was in the bundle

Special thanks to the following beta testers:

Kaitlyn Love

Brooke Roland

Tristan Heath

Kendall Rust


Version 1.4 

Removed NPC that was causing a collision issue if you wait too long to activate an event

Added a way to cure poison

Fixed issue where the cat you save remains outside after you retrieve it

Added to the credits

Version 1.3.2

Drastically reduced download size (1.2 GB to 429 MB)

Very minor changes to a few maps

Small tweaks to event timing

Fixed Issues where missing files caused the game to crash