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Genre: RPG
Author: Pablo Rodríguez Saseta
Added On: July 25, 2015 @ 5:12 AM
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Years ago, something terrible happened. My memories of it are blurry and fragmented, but something from them is still haunting me to this day, to the point I fear I will stop being able to function. I will pick up the shards of my memories and find out what exactly happened, even if it destroys me. Specially if it destroys me.


Shards is a relatively short game in which you will experience the journey of a troubled person in search of the truth. The trials will be many, but your will must not weaken, or else the truth will be forever lost in darkness.

Shards is a hardcore turn-based RPG. The battles are relatively few, but they are all a challengue in which you must prove your mastery of strategy. As such, randomness has been completely eliminated from the game, as has been grinding, so that you will only be able to rely on your own skills to achieve victory. The game also boasts a simple yet powerful customization system that severely limits your skills and stats, making every choice essential in determining your play style and tactics.

Outside of battles, you will also be facing an array of sound-based puzzles. The game puts a heavy emphasis on sound, and as such, it is recommended to play with headphones on.

There is more to the game, but I don't want to break it all down for you lest there be spoilers, so go on and download the game, which is available now on the big ol' "download" button. Go on, it's free and awesome. I promise you will not regret it. Probably.

You can also download de non-rtp version here.

Update v1.1 Various improvements in the tutorials.