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Genre: Shooter
Author: Wasted Seagull Games
Added On: July 25, 2015 @ 3:19 PM
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Runtime Error! is a side-scrolling action shooter with platformer elements by Wasted Seagull Games.

A dangerous and never-before-seen virus has corrupted the International Security Network. It keeps growing at a dramatic rate and threatens to take over the entire cyberspace. But there is still a spark of hope for mankind's safety. A smart and strong-minded programmer, specialized in network security, has developed an anti-virus-software with a highly sophisticated artificial intelligence, programmed to get down to the root of the trouble and take out the evil virus.

Take control over this special A.I. and shoot your way through hordes of malware, spyware, worms and bugs. However, despite your high-end weaponry, annihilating the world's most dangerous threat is not an easy task. You might want to explore the vast cyberspace and weaken the virus by destroying fragments of it. Unfortunatelly, there is no time for sight-seeing. You only have one hour to accomplish your task. So, it's up to you. How many virus fragments will you need to destroy to be able to face your powerful enemy? Will your software need some upgrades? Will you rush straight to your original target just to fall to it's superiority?

Boot your systems and prepare yourself for a fast-paced cyber battle!


  • Upgrade your program with Exabytes you gain from your enemies!
  • The more virus fragments you destroy and the more upgrades you get, the easier the boss fight will be. But keep in mind that one hour could be over sooner than you expect!
  • You are challenged to find your balance of time, funds and power.


All graphics and sound effects are self-produced.
This game was made with the Unity Engine.
(Font "Coders Crux 2" by Andrew McCluskey)

The game is available for download! Check it out and let us know, what we can do better!

Wasted Seagull Games