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Genre: Action
Author: Joe Miller
Added On: July 25, 2015 @ 3:49 PM
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New Build Posted 7/28 - Also added a trailer!

Welcome! Floorius is a top-down 2d action arcade style game. The objective is to collect all of the energy orbs on each floor before the timer runs out while blasting your way through hordes of monsters. Movement is controlled by WASD or arrow keys, and aiming is done with the mouse. Basic attacks are done with left click and are single shot projectiles that travel until they connect with an enemy or wall. Right click for special attacks that require energy to use and vary based on class. Energy is gained by picking up the energy orbs on the floor. Enemies can sometimes drop powerups to boost your abilities, but don't forget the real goal of collecting all the orbs to move onto the next floor!

About the game

3 Player classes with varying special attacks

  • Warrior - Special Attack is Ricochet Axe - Axe will bounce 5 times off of walls before it is destroyed, kills all enemies on contact
  • Rogue - Special Attack is Fan of Knives - 360 degree attack that kills all enemies on contact
  • Wizard - Special Attack is Death Ray- Instant beam attack that kills all enemies on contact and goes all the way across the floor in a straight line

3 Enemy types

  • Bat - 1 hit to kill - quick moving - takes shortest path to get to player - minor damage to player on collision
  • Slime - 3 hits to kill - slow moving - sticks to walls and follows them around to player - heavy damage to player on collision
  • Ghost - 1 hit to kill - bullets pass through - can move through walls to get to player - medium damage to player on collision

5 Power-ups that can be activated indepenently and simultaneously

  • Invincibility - For a short time the player will not take damage from collision with enemies
  • Bullet Stream - Basic attack will fire many projectiles while left click is held down
  • Bullet Spread - Basic attack will fire 5 shots in a spread out from the player
  • Wall Walking - For a short time the player can travel through all inner walls on the floor
  • Magnet Pickup - For a short time nearby energy orbs will be drawn in towards the player 

About the project

Solo Project

Started July 8th 2015

Made in Gamemaker Studio

Most of the art is from CC0 posts on and tweaked as needed by myself.

About Me

My name is Joe Miller and I participated in the contest last year with my first game Plinko Quest. Since then i've spent more time learning gamemaker and programming and have a couple other projects in development now. You can check them out at or on our facebook at