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Genre: RPG
Author: Golok Buday
Added On: July 26, 2015 @ 7:13 PM
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From the Green Light: A satire, parody, mochery of censorship and all the sicko fetish humor and more one can provide. No game has been more pro gaming. Save New Sodom from ......spoiler blocked..... and no one judges you for touching yourself...use Wii U Pro through a Wireless Adapter, XBox360 Controller, Key Board (usual keys). Run, walk, find hidden things, find things the old era hard way too. The great humor of the fabulour Comedian "The Black Jester" aka Gölök Z Buday aka Geyblade here on Steam wrote and produced it. If something looks like a bug or shocking thing, it may be intentional. Feel free to ask, there is a group also the Steam Community. I will try to keep the price nominal, be glad to break even in this one. Help Sado Maso put the Kingdom in it's place.

The download is for this use only.

Sample here may be blocked by a lack of a rune drop far in the game.   Or half.  I am still adding optional quest(s) and a secret boss....but don't want to give it away.

Latest info: I do not feel I have a right to a spoiler free review of this work, especially if a press clubber.  I have no right to even tell you what to say about it, but at least you've have played it, presumably, when doing so.

Sorry about the error in a previous file update message....wrong place....copy/paste fiasco.

Voting closes (Oct 2) file is deleted from download.