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Genre: Action
Author: edrache
Added On: July 27, 2015 @ 2:19 AM
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Company of Vikings is a game about killing vikings. Live the tale of a great Kinship!


Every viking dreams about Valhalla - everybody knows that.
The only way to get there with Glory and Honor is to be killed in a battle. Oh, glory... the more Glory in Valhalla the better, because you want to be selected by Odin, right?

Kill and Die

In our game you take up the role of a Family Spirit and your goal is to inspire your Vikings to live and die in glory by which they grow the glory of their family!

On your run you grow your Glory in two ways, when your Vikings:

  • kill goblins. (What a Surprise!)
  • end their life in a glorious way (watch out for traps, those deaths are just a pity)

During your adventure rescue Vikings and join them to your growing party. Every few collected Glory will give you Upgrade point.

A Glorious Viking killing some more goblins will not make a great story. But imagine a heroic death! That's worth a lot of glory.

Find your best crew for battle!

Use the best formation that fits your company!

Make them the best warriors in the Midgard and...

Kill them for the Glory of Odin!



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  • Artur Krystek 
  • Marek Rutkowski
  • Paweł Robak
Great thanks (really, you helped us so much!) i alphabetical order:
  • Łukasz Cywiński
  • Keith Hostetler
  • Marcin Krupiński
  • Artur Mikucki
  • Mimor
  • Kornelia Rutkowska
  • Simona Wesołowska
  • Krzysztof Żarczyński
  • poznan game devs