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Wordsum: A new mobile word game that fuses Tetris and Scrabble

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Genre: Puzzle
Author: Carleton DiLeo
Added On: July 27, 2015 @ 2:42 PM
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Wordsum is the next evolution in word games. It's like a mix of Scrabble and Tetris. The goal is to spell words on the board, earn points and collect 3 stars win. Simple rules but don't be fooled, this game will give your brain and fingers a workout. Go for small words to keep your board clear or risk it with big words for maximum points! Longer words will get you bonus points.

I tried to make games for more than a decade while working a full time job. This year I decided to take a chance and make games full time. Wordsum is the product of my determination to not let anything stop me this time. No matter what Wordsum would be born.