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Genre: Adventure
Author: Kazimierz Luska
Added On: July 28, 2015 @ 11:55 AM
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Hello there.

Thanks for checking my submission. Little Adventure is a casual Adventure/Puzzle game in which you are controlling a little dragon pup who ventured out into the world to meet new people/creatures and make friends. Unfortunately he ended up bumping into a mean group of skeletons who not only laughed at his small frame and his desire to have friends they also tossed him into their dungeon to bully him later. The dragon is an optimistic creature though and with your help he will escape the dungeon meeting other victinms of the mean bunch, and making friends by helping them escapa, and as a way of showing the evil skeletons that being mean doesn't pay he will try to snatch as much of their food and treasure as he can maybe even play a small prank on them while he's at it.

Hope you'll enjoy the concept and the little previz.

Also if you do like the game please vote for me :D