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Cook Quest

Cook Quest
Cook Quest
Cook Quest
Cook Quest

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Genre: RPG
Author: Savannah Schumacher
Added On: July 29, 2015 @ 2:15 PM
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The last and final version!

"In a world where monsters and humans live in proxy, there is a busy road that winds from town to town,

through evergreen forests, tawny beaches, and sheer mountainsides. Adventurers, treasure hunters, and traders alike
traverse the elements between towns. That is where our story begins, a story of family, feuds, and fine dining."

Our story opens with Nettle and Seth two young people trying to keep their family restaurant open. They have lost all their customersto a small fast food restaurant known as "Slime burger". One day a woman comes in claiming to be a food critic who is on a quest to find the best food in the area. Sadly Nettle and Seth must go out into the wilderness to find the ingredients to make the rare dish known as Ambergris Ice cream!

  • At this moment I only have the maps,iteams and monsters done but you are free to test what I have and give me some feed back
  • Monster drawn by Savannah Schumacher
  • Tiles, sprites, faces and all other resources are from or edited from RPG maker VX Ace.
  • Dialogue written by Eddy R.
  • Made with RPG maker VX Ace