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Fisherman's Tale

Fisherman's Tale

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Genre: Puzzle
Author: BeeTracks
Added On: July 30, 2015 @ 8:45 PM
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This game tells the story of a fisherman that became a fish by a spell from Yara, the lady of the water.

Yara is a legend from Brazil. The story in this game is not about her, but you'll find out a little more about her.

The focus of the game is to put the blocks on the buttons, eat food to decrease the fish hunger and avoid the baits. They are very discrete. You will find only sport fishermans, but that doesn't mean that your fish can't be seriously hurt.

The game have a sweet soundtrack and cutscenes with a mix of hand drawing and animation. It's not a long game, if you are used to puzzles, but if you don't, you might get challenged.

Updated to version 1.2

- Fixed a bug when game was restarted from a game over.