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Film Noir VN

Film Noir VN
Film Noir VN

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Genre: Adventure
Author: Kitt Walker
Added On: July 31, 2015 @ 2:31 AM
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I had intended to submit this for the Indie Gamer Maker Contest 2015 but I spent half the month away on a family holiday so I didn't finish.

So. A work in progress.

Your basic Film Noir story;

  • A dame with a past and a "hero" with no future.
  • Chasing a McGuffin.
  • Dead bodies and red herrings.
  • Betrayal and twists.
  • Whiskey (neat) and endless packs of smokes.

All wrapped up in a non-Anime visual novel style. 

But there's only one scene made. Once the scene change happens, it just fails. The buttons haven't been aligned, and the art hasn't been put into place and the buttons do nothing. It ends, ungracefully.

The download link ( somewhere over there>> or there^^ ) is actually a "play in the browser" link. So, feel free to actually have a crack and realise that I didn't miss my calling as an author.

So, I don't have time to finish this before the end of the contest, so it's not eligable for it.