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Living in the Darkness

Living in the Darkness
Living in the Darkness
Living in the Darkness
Living in the Darkness

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Genre: RPG
Author: KaaaaasKop
Added On: July 31, 2015 @ 5:41 AM
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Is the game finished?

Yes it is, so you can download it and enjoy the entire game from start to finish.

What is this game?

Living in the Darkness is a short, simple RPG that's about 2 hours long. As such the story and combat are generally fast-paced, especially since the game revolves mostly around combat. The game has visible encounters, so no random encounters ever!

Combat revolves a lot around status effects. Using the right status effects can really swing combat in your favour, or heck, it might even be needed to win. Take Poison for example, it deals damage over time but also lowers the attack (ATK) of the target, thus you have to consider who to poison (first). For example, will you poison the one with strong abilities that can deal serious damage, or the one with high attack first? There are more status effects though, each having their own use in certain situations, some work together, some don't, you can't freeze a burning enemy for example. (which would be very weird if you ask me)

Another thing that is also important for status effect management is that every skill costs quite much relative to your maximum MP, so it is important to consider what skill to use in certain situations. Will you go for the expensive skill that heals you without using your precious items, or will you use a healing item instead so you can burn the enemy next turn? (or the same turn if you use another character to use the item, yes there are two characters, one will remain a secret ^^ mainly because that would spoil the story, sorry!)

What's the story about?

You play as Robin, a hunter for the last known human village in existence after the darkness encroached upon the world. Robin is usually a man of few words. I can't really say more without spoiling the whole story hahaha.

Any unique mechanics or something that makes it stand out?

I don't know, but I did give a lot of thought towards the way players would buy items and gear. Since it's basically the end of the world, things like gold would be worthless, so instead I opted to use an item called a Meat Piece that some monsters can drop. You'll have to trade them for healing stuff, items that cure status effects, revival items... You also buy the different gear sets with them. Each gear set has a set of gear (well duh) that offers resistances to the different elements in the game, while the weapons of that gear set give the default attack an element as well as a low chance for a status effect. So equipment, though not that crucial, can certainly make the battles easier or harder for you depending on what you have equipped.

Meat Pieces also work great because Robin is a hunter, so you got that. Also, what's better for a hunter than to actually HUNT for the items he wants?

A little about me

My name is Wesley and I live in the Netherlands, I started to design games not that long ago, heck I've only got one game which looks more or less like a simple flash game. My hobbies include playing video games and designing them (no way!), I also like archery and swimming, which I do at least once a week. Just a short while ago I had two archery competitions! Although I did not win (or came close to winning) I still had a blast and did way better than I had hoped. But I can't really complain since I've been doing it for less than a year. (almost a year though)

Closing words

If you want to check out my website go to www.wesgames.com and have a look around. Not sure if this is allowed, so sorry if it isn't.

Also, have fun and enjoy the game! ^^