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Magus Rising, Year one.

Magus Rising, Year one.
Magus Rising, Year one.
Magus Rising, Year one.
Magus Rising, Year one.
Magus Rising, Year one.
Magus Rising, Year one.
Magus Rising, Year one.

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Genre: RPG
Author: ccowie
Added On: July 31, 2015 @ 9:53 AM
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Come to St. Vallentines school of magic.  

Learn over 100 unique spells

Each skill has a wide veriaty of uses from damage prevention to healing, to making your enemy feel a bit chilly.  The game offers a great veriaty of spells to let you adapt to situations.

21 characters and 10 classes. 

Each class has it's own uses and some are more useful in certain situations than others so the ability to have two of each class avaliable at any time is a great advantage.

Grow your characters power through combat and use of spells to increase the damage they deal and unlock new spells.  

Expand your characters spellbook by using their magics, as your characters grow stronger not only will they learn new skills but new paths will open to you.

Explore the world and find secrets, reaching hidden places by having your party members affect the environment.  

Exploring the world will help you discover new ways to spend your limited time each day

Visit a hot springs to recover your vitality and improve the rate of your growth.

  everyone needs some R&R from time to time, relaxing at the hot springs will give you a number of benefits.

Appear on television gaining fame and fortune.

Take part in adventures to be broadcast accross the world, follow the directors instructions to improve your appeal and gain fame and fortune.

Take part in extracurricular activities.  

From helping a ghost with their final wish to scribbling dinosaurs on prized works of art, students enjoy freedom in how they spend their down time.

Become the living embodiment of ten unique demonic lords.  

Some grimoires hold the secrets of one of the ten demon lords, upon reading these your characters will be able to take on the avatar of these lords and gain access to unstopable power.

Magus Rising, Year one is now avaliable in version 1.0  you can pick up the game on the download link here.  The game does not ship with the RPG maker RTP.  You can get that here http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages

many games in this contest will need the rtp so you may as well get it.