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Genre: Adventure
Author: Luke Wilson
Added On: July 31, 2015 @ 2:06 PM
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Make it through a night of dreaming. Experience weird nightmares, fun exploration, and strange puzzles.

This game was created in the StreetCode Accelerator by 5 students and 2 mentors. Over 4 weeks we learned how to use the Unreal Engine, create engaging gameplay, and make our dreams come true. We embodied the theme of Growth.




Balkour - Dylan Duncan

A plaformer with inspiration from Mirror’s Edge. Double jump, and wall run your way through the sky.


Zombie Dance Party - Roshia Kirk

YouTuber Markiplier is trying to make the best zombie dance party ever seen. Grab a mustache gun and come to dance!


Light - Keanu Tautua'a and Jose L. Guzman 

A level loosely inspired by Tron and Portal 2. Control two characters to solve puzzles. One character can shoot while the other can pick objects up. Use these mechanics to do unimaginable things!


Shape Jumper - Salofi Tautua'a and Chris Banh

Use different shapes to make it though the puzzle rooms in the middle of the ocean. Place blocks to jump on, shoot exploding balls, and jump through teleporting pyramids.