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Genre: Shooter
Author: Anders Wildros
Added On: July 31, 2015 @ 3:04 PM
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RAIDEN HAKUSAN is an arcade game originally made in 72 hours for #indiesvsgamers and the 19th GMC Jam - however, the past two weeks have sure been spent well, resulting in a polished experience with improved gameplay, improved flexibility, and improved fun! Choose any out of four different anime characters, then blast a never-ending stream of enemies to bits and bytes! Chiptune music, 8-bit sprites, and the hardcore gameplay from the arcades you remember - but no need to stuff quarters in it!

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  • Over 20 enemy types
  • Wave after wave, each ended with extra tough enemies
  • 4 playable characters with different abilities
  • Collect hearts for extra lives
  • Full-color heads-up display
  • Zany Japanese arcade action
  • Combo-based scoring system that encourages being uncomfortably close to enemies
  • Local and online highscores
  • Awesome chiptune soundtrack
  • NES-style retro visuals
  • Yukkuri enemies
  • WASD or arrows for movement, can be played easily even if you're left-handed.
  • Decorative text effects
  • Optional fullscreen mode for more immersion

Shoot everything that moves! Collect gold coins! Playable characters with different movement and shoot patterns, highly addictive chiptunes, and crisp NES-style visuals await you in this fast-paced arcade game! Features online highscores using the Gamejolt API - can you beat the best gamers in the universe, or do you settle with challenging your own records?