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Finding Fantasy -Retro RPG built in RPG maker vx ace - INCLUDES THE RTP

Finding Fantasy -Retro RPG built in RPG maker vx ace - INCLUDES THE RTP

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Genre: RPG
Author: BrandonHill1993
Added On: August 01, 2015 @ 10:11 PM
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Recomended LV's Before Bosses :

1.Boss 1 : 3-4

2.Boss 2 : 5-7

3.Boss 3 : 8-10

4.Boss 4 : 12-13

5.Boss 5 : 15-17

6.Boss 6 : 18-20

Buy the best equipment often!

Make sure to save often incase of crashes!

Known Bugs : 1 treasure chest in the desert cave contains a Null item, Ignore that.

By the final boss if you have the best eqiopment and level 18-20 you should do fine.

STOCK UP with potions and mana potions often, tents to.

EXTRA TIP : In the desert continent there is a town and optional cave, go there for the best equipment for the final boss/tower.


Here it is, my labour of love. A simplistic retro rpg with about 2 hours of gameplay.


  1. 100% custom tilesets and other resources
  2. 5 Dungeons each with there own theme and feel
  3. 3 characters with magic attacks each
  4. Regain MP and HP during battles to ease difficulty
  5. Save point system, also INN's to save in towns
  6. Shops, castles and treasure chests scattered about
  7. Branching Overworld that connects all dungeons and towns

The game will run about 1 - 2 hours depending on player skill.


Astos is dying, something is strangling the heart of the planet, 3 heroes sent by the Orma king, travel across the globe to find 5 keys that will unlock the mystery of what is happining to the world.



Read the Text documents that are included in the directory for CREDITS, TIPS, and disclamers!

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For my father.