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Genre: Platformer
Author: DoubleRingStudios
Added On: August 02, 2015 @ 7:08 AM
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 A world between dreams and chaos is unleashed, and restoring the ancestral powers within you will help to bring peace into a world dominated by shadows!


Developed:               Double Ring Studios.

Genre:                       2D Platform – Action Level Based.

Theme:                      PreColombian Mythology Fiction.

Engine:                     Unity 3D Engine.      

Status:                      Pre-Alpha Version

Downloable Links:              

PC - Desktop


Xintana Legends



DirectionalAWSD keys or Arrow Keys.

CrouchS or Down Arrow Key.

Run – CTRL Key.

AttackALT or Left Mouse Click.

MidAir Attack - Jump and ALT or Left Click.

Jump – Spacebar.

There is also GAMEPAD support it for the PC version, tested with the Xbox360 Controller.


This game contains (or will contain) certain references to religion, culture, myth and fantasy of pre-Columbian tribes. This is not done with the intent to annoy or offend anyone, and are treated with respect, the intention is to promote our precolombian culture through the game and rescue the diversity of various indigenous tribes in Colombia. In this game we do not direct reference to a person, tribe or specific organization. Any resemblance to reality is just coincidence.


A world between dreams and chaos is unleashed, and restoring the ancestral powers within you will help to bring peace to a world dominated by shadows, and memories. A world full of monsters, violent nature and other dangers. It is here where our warrior Xintana, is summoned by the goddess Aluna, and helps you enter the world of the living. She starts its journey through the ancient world, without knowing the reason why it's there. Follow up her story, you will be able to face a lot of adventures, challenges and much more. Discover the real mystery behind of Xintana.


  • An epic adventure with a lot of places to explore!
  • 2D platformer that will remember classic old games!
  • 16bits/SNES inspired style, low-resolution graphics!
  • Fight against many enemies in action battles!
  • A living world, inspired by old myths and legends for Precolombian culture!
  • Enjoy puzzle environment platforms to progress in the game!













If you like the game dont forget to check it out our soundtrack made for "Xintana Legends" during IGMC 2015 by our two music artist only on SoundCloud.

Xintana Legends - Intro Teaser


Art Direction – Concept Art and Design

André Martinez

Character Designs and Environments

Estefania Castano

Pixel Art Animation

Bruno Moraes

André Martinez

Game Design

André Martinez

 Estefania Castano


André Martinez

Estefania Castano

Programming and Scripting

José Gómez de Lara

Manuel Gonzalez

Visual Particle Effects

José Gómez de Lara

Level Designs

André Martinez

Manuel Gonzalez

Music Sound Tracks

Diego Lynx

Morten Barfod Soegaard

Sound Effect Artist

Morten Barfod Soegaard


-Special Thanks-


Nohora Elena Diez

Jesús Gilberto Martinez

Oscar Javier Martinez

Nicolas Fournier

Horacio Diez Jimenez

Olga Patricia Gonzales

Carlos Castaño

Omaira Pulido

Alejandra Castaño

Frankin Banguera


“Special thanks to all our friends and fans that has follow this project, we hope you enjoy this game as much as we did doing it.”


If you are interest on how we made this game, please check out our DevBlog for news and updates, you also check it out in our social media we post here regulary on Facebook - Twitter - Tumblr - Unity 3D.