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Genre: Action
Author: SlugTeam
Added On: August 02, 2015 @ 3:03 PM
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Today's the day.  And it's gonna happen again... and again.
Don't forget to turn the volume up, there's tons of random sounds to discover  ;D
Made by the Slugteam ( Valentin Feld, Valérian Drouet, Agathe Guillemot, Schadocalex and KerDelos)

Nixter features a Ninja with an urge to defeat his ennemies in a bloody way and we wanted the graphics to match with that. We only used three colors so that the red would be more impacting. On the other hand we wanted the audio to feel different, like you weren't alone. We took great care on the voice acting and you can hear us try and fail to pronounce the game title on the first screen. It was our way to include a "behind the scenes" right inside the game.