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Genre: Adventure
Author: SOMEgame
Added On: August 03, 2015 @ 10:35 AM
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Please use link above to download the latest file. I can't update the download link for some odd reason.

Salim is an adventure game made for IGMC and aim to raise fund for children and women under ISIS oppression,
after they executed 74 children on my birthday, 2 July 2015.

In this amiable 2D adventure game inspired by cruel and bloody event/facts, You play as Salim, a 5 years old perky kid. Of course, he love game as much as me and you do, but he had to earn his gaming hours by running Mama’s errands! As easy as it sounds, with the bloodsoaked organisation “Da’ish” (or ISIS if you prefer) roaming the town, it’s also easy as pie to have your chubby head separated from the meaty neck.

P.S: violence element is almost absent from this game. While telling cruel facts, it should be a fun to play game!
Please read the review below if you won't believe in developer anymore XD

Review with no spoiler

How to start the game.

1. Download link at First line of the description. 

2. Click on Dropbox download link at upper right corner. (dropbox account is not necessary)

3. Unzip, click on SalimDemo.exe and ENJOY!!!

P.S: must put SalimDemo.exe and SalimDemo_Data in same folder to play.