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Phenomenally powerful princess Pink vs the scary stinking slimy slugs

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Genre: Shooter
Author: Pesegato
Added On: July 09, 2015 @ 3:45 AM
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“By the force of pinkschool!!!” with the phenomenal powers she owns, princess pink is defending the pinkschool from the scary stinking slimy slugs coming from the space.


Windows 64bit

4gb RAM

OpengL 2.0 capable GPU

Java virtual machine

phenomenal powers!

Shoot: with the blink of the eyes, she can shoot an energy projectile that damages the slugs. This is the main attack.

Kick: when the slugs comes too close, she can phenomenally kick them! This is the melee attack.

Groove: by killing slugs and collecting lollipops the groove meter will rise. When is full, the phenomenal groove attack can be unleashed, and no slug will survive! You are invulnerable during the groove attack. This is the special attack.


The slugs

They will slowly advance toward. Do not let any of them pass past you, or you will receive a lot of damage!



Every time a slugs is killed, there is a chance for a lollipop to drop. If you eat them you will receive a boost to the groove and also a boost to the life meter. You will gain an extra life if you exceed the full health.



When you have killed all the slugs in the level you will be credited extra points according to your performance. These points can be spent to upgrade your phenomenal powers! You will receive points even if killed, as a “thank you for playing” gift!


How to play

Left mouse button

Next page (only for the comic)

Arrow up

Go up

Arrow down

Go down


Shoot (hint: keep pressed!)

Arrow right



Groove attack (when available)


Quit the game



7/08 - added particle effect

The fun continues at https://carpetless.wordpress.com/

Enjoy! :)