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Super Amazing Space Sailor Yowza

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Genre: Shooter
Author: Rob Nice
Added On: August 03, 2015 @ 7:13 PM
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Super Amazing Space Sailor Yowza is a high action shooting game with an attitude filled main character, procedural loot and level progression.  The cornerstone of SASSY is its high mobility combat.  From dashing through and away from enemies to peppering them with homing rockets there's never a dull moment.  Beware the Sweepers...a nasty surprise awaits for any pilot that likes to hug the edges too long.

Gameplay is at its best with a Gamepad.


Robert Cosby [ME] - Everything Except Music

Cleezy Muzik - err umm the MUSIC


Menu Selections/ Open Loot Chest - A Button / Left Mouse Button [LMB]

Movement - Left Stick / WASD

Aiming - Right Stick / Mouse

Fire Weapon - Right Trigger [RT] / Left Mouse Button [LMB]

Special Ability - Right Bumper [RB] / SPACE

Yowza Time!! - A Button / 1 Key

Pause/Exit Conversations - Start Button / Enter Key

Answer Call - Select Button / T Key

Dynamic Camera Toggle: F Key 


Please Please Please When Checking Loot DO NOT CLICK On The MIDDLE or LEFT Items.

Left Item - Inventory

Middle Item - Equipped

Right Item - Chest Contents

*Debug Code left active causes Speed Power and Defense Quick Slots [X,Y,B, or 2,3,4,] to be inactive.

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