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Ghost Lantern

Ghost Lantern

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Genre: Action
Author: Emanzi
Added On: August 03, 2015 @ 8:33 PM
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Ghost Lantern is a Psychadelic-Comedy RPG

You are Azrael, helper of god. After perishing you find yourself in 8-bit heaven where you must reap the fallen Buddhas in search for the legendary Ghost Lantern. Beware their are jealous-reapers and that yikes demon Yximalloo!

The game was entirely made out of old videogame rips and one Acid-Momma (The Bone Tickling Nightmare Pig) and those Japanese potters (Fangs of Lucifer) as well as some Cheeba Cheeba!
(Warning: this is a work of fiction do not attempt to imitate or re-enact any behavior/actions in this game)