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A Warmer Winter

A Warmer Winter
A Warmer Winter

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Genre: Adventure
Author: morphine
Added On: August 04, 2015 @ 1:33 AM
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Luz made a mistake. He has made many mistakes, but this one had a uniquely severe consequence:

He is trapped. He is cold. He is hungry. He isn't alone.

He must find a way to escape a dire situation, not only for his own sake, but also that of the young girl he has orphaned. Perhaps if he can prove his regret and willingness to become more than he's been, the Goddess will provide a miracle or two...

Chop down trees, try not to starve or freeze, toss knives at things you would like to eat (or things that would like to eat you).


Work is being continued on this project after the contest, and a finished version is expected in the near future. Thanks for looking!