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Deadly Dungeons

Deadly Dungeons

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Genre: Adventure
Author: Glenn Martin Tveter Waldenstrøm
Added On: August 04, 2015 @ 3:05 AM
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You want Rougelikes? Then you want Deadly Dungeons! 

You are a hero trying to save a nearby village from pillaging by Bob The Destroyer. 

  • 16 levels of random dungeons!
  • weapons!
  • pieces of armor!
  • hour(s) of fun!
  • magic spells!

And health potions everywhere!

Just unzip and play from DangerousDungeons.exe

Deadly Dungeons will continue to grow!

Feedback is welcome on


  • NUMPAD or ARROW KEYS for movement
  • to pick up items
  • for inventory
  • D for dropping items
  • for character information
  • < to go down stairs
  • MOUSE to look and aim spells