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Genre: Adventure
Author: Jesse
Added On: August 04, 2015 @ 12:21 PM
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Reminisce is a short adventure game about a child exploring a cave near his home... 

but something seems odd... can you tell what it is that's going on?

Find all the bosses, and defeat them.


Just me. I had to do everything on my own. 

I had some help testing here and there, but development

was for the most part a one man effort.


When I was a boy there was a cave outside our church just across the pasture.

me and my friends always wanted to explore it hoping we'd find pokemon or dragons

or the like. Now that I'm older, I know the only thing in that cave was marble mines, but 

it was the magic of childhood fantasy that made it sound like such a great adventure to be

had in there. 


WASD is movement

E is interact

Space is attack

There are more abilities to find in game however.