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Genre: Strategy
Author: Joe Man
Added On: August 04, 2015 @ 4:02 PM
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Evil has taken over a peaceful kingdom.  The royal princess slain.  The knight, you, must vanquish evil and restore peace to the kingdom.

Battle through 6 dungeons and kill all evil to restore peace.

Rebuild structures inside the castle to forge powerful weapons and armor, sell and buy goods to aid your adventure.

Every dungeon has multiple floors; to advance one must find the key.




farm rocks and coins and build a store immediately.  This will allow you to sell loot and free up inventory space!

Download Link will be for a WINDOWS build.

There will also be an ANDROID Mobile version after which will have regular updates and tweaks =)




Myself - 1 man team.

Awesome heroes and villians from Unity Asset Store

Awesome textures from BitGem3D

Used a few sprites from 7soul1 420 items.

Custom artwork from my freelancers around the world and some by myself.

Used some stuff from the humble bundle game kit as well (the one that funded this contest)

Great music by Aaron Krogh.



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