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Twin Curse

Twin Curse
Twin Curse
Twin Curse
Twin Curse
Twin Curse

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Genre: Action
Author: Sunny Ties
Added On: August 04, 2015 @ 4:51 PM
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Twin Curse is a difficult action platformer where the Hero must save the realm from demons and spirits from other worlds.


The land of Sapient has been invaded by monsters from parallel worlds, along with them are curses that flood the land. The Hero must venture forth to the Sapient Castle to destroy the King, which has been taken over by the Twin Curse.

  • The Hero can alternate between two worlds: Stalem and Entriss.
  • An enemy will drop some of it’s LIFEFORCE after it is killed, which is then absorbed by the Hero.
  • Depending on the Monster, it will drop a LIFEFORCE which will tilt the Mentality Bar.
  • The Mentality Bar determines which “world” the Hero is, and that based on which world the Hero is, the enemies will change.


  • Very difficult action platformer against a variety of obstacles and monsters.
  • Certain monsters have different variants based on which "world" the Hero is in.
  • Bosses each with their own abilities and tricks to kill quickly.

Created by Sunny Tie Productions. Made with with GameMaker Studio.