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Genre: RPG
Author: Otterssoul
Added On: August 04, 2015 @ 6:06 PM
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A short little RPG about an innocent barmaid discovering her world is not as idyllic as she thought and living through one of the High Lords wanting to kill her.

This is my second attempt at an RPG after entering into last year's contest, and I feel this game game out far better, in no small amount to the help from my lead playtester and my artistic coordinator. I tried to theme the game around the Twist theme of Growth- each character that joins your crew represents part of life. Only two appear in this bite sized test version of the game- Upuris (moving past yourself to help others) and Kartis (pushing your luck without self-ruin). The game is meant to show Ceret growing in life, beyond her sheltered little life.

If you liked this mini-version of the game, a much larger, longer game is one of the projects in development over at

Feel free to come visit and see what else we're up to!

Creator- Stephen Flint (Otterssoul)

Artistic Design- Katelyn Roberts

Head Playtester- Beliallion

Playtesters- Joshua Flint

                    Brent Marcelles