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Genre: Action
Author: Noktai
Added On: August 04, 2015 @ 6:29 PM
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Protect the village from invading spirits with your guardian totem in Odoodem!

Odoodem is an action game where the player controls a stack of totems. Each totem has it's own power to defend agaist the invading enmy spirits.
Swap around the different types of totems to create the best possible defense.
Odoodem features a unqiue control scheme, where each button's color on your (xbox)gamepad maps to corresponding totem. 

swapping totems

This takes some time to master, so get ready for a challenge.
The game is also playable with a mouse, for those without a gamepad. The gamepad is required for the most authentic experience though.

In addition to classic mode, there is also a "collor mode", in this mode enemies can only be hit by the corresponding totem colour, so get ready for some serious totem swapping.

color mode

Odoodem is also available for android with touch controls!


As the game progresses, the player obtains additional totems and the stack of totem grows in height. For each obtained totem the difficulty also grows, since the player will have a new lane of enemies to defend against.

Just download and run the .exe, no need to install.
F9 and F10 to change resolution/fullscreen mode