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Slime Heart

Slime Heart
Slime Heart
Slime Heart
Slime Heart
Slime Heart

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Genre: Action
Author: PKLucky
Added On: August 04, 2015 @ 9:37 PM
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Aqua, a slime from the Slime Forest falls in love with Eric, a young man from the neighboring village. Determined to win his heart, Aqua takes the form of a human and visits Eric. Help Aqua and Eric's relationship grow by eating other slimes and make Aqua grow in size. Aqua has only six days to make Eric hers. Will she be successful, or will her slimy-ness work against her?



  • Five different endings (4 bad, 1 good)
  • Voice acting for the main characters in the intro, the good ending, and one of the bad endings
  • Half the game is a romantic visual novel and the other half is an action game that is similar to agar.io
  • Upgrade Aqua's speed, size, and other aspects by spending Slime Points earned in the action part of the game
  • Talk to Eric for a chance to earn Love Points and make Aqua and Eric's relationship grow

This game is a completely solo project. The title screen art and CGs are all drawn by me. I also voiced Eric and Aqua. Some of the CG backgrounds and all other graphics and audio are from the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP and from other free-to-use online sources.

This is the second game I've ever completed and takes place in the same universe as my first game "Legend of Percivus", albeit hundreds of years earlier.


[08/07/15 2:39pm CST] Encrypted the game data

[08/06/15 3:51pm CST] Reduced game's file size

[08/06/15 1:23pm CST] Added one more ending and other minor edits

[08/05/15 5:44pm CST] Added voice acting

[08/05/15 12:05pm CST] Had to fix a couple minor bugs