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Hearts Resonance

Hearts Resonance
Hearts Resonance
Hearts Resonance
Hearts Resonance
Hearts Resonance

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Genre: RPG
Author: aLvhine
Added On: August 04, 2015 @ 10:21 PM
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(New Update! Don't download from the download button, The new link is in the post!) Story about a boy named Asthar, who lived in the new living environment as a student in the Saint Lumos Priv. Academy to asking for some help to solve his problem. He's doing this to complete his mission too. What's his mission? What's problem?  His new live begins here!



Hearts Resonance

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Hearts Resonance (Latest Version) 


Asthar a 15 years old teenage boy who is sent by his father to study at Saint Lumos private academy for certain mission. His father entrust him to his best friend who is the principal of the academy,Jeane. However, Jeane unexpectedly does not provide assistance for free. Asthar in required to help her job to do an 'Protecting' accompanied by a senior (although still in the same school Grade) named Stu. However, Jeane still promise that she will help Asthar to solve the problem that is owned by his body. "Certain purpose", "problem that is owned by Asthar's body", and "protecting" activity. School life which full of incident will occur soon.


  1. No Random Encounter!
  2. Dynamic Troops Encounter : The Enemies Troops will be changed everytime you flee the battle.
  3. Fusion Skill : You can try many skills to learn a good combination skill fusion.
  4. Multiple Ending : There are many special events which is a requirements to gain another ending.
  5. Smithing : Weapon is upgradeable (3 times)
  6. Free Turn Battle with Enemy Target Info (For some troops per Tier)
  7. Challenging Enemies : Some monster can use a fusion skill too, so beware from it.
  8. Heroine with Parameter : You can talk to heroine or give something to make her parameter grown up.
  9. Item Giveable : Almost Items in this game can be given by you to a Heroine. (Like - Neutral - Dislike)
  10. Time Session (Morning - Afternoon - Night) : Makes the event more flexible.
  11. Treasure Secret : Treasure chest that can be opened (or founded) when the conditions are meet.
  12. Rare Drops Item : Some monster can drops rare items that can make you wealthy.
  13. Custom sprites, potraits, and graphic.
  14. Fast Travel Map (With Custom Add-on) : Make player easier to teleport to another destination and Change The Time Session if the conditions are already meets.

Developer's Commensts

Well, actually We're really surprised when this game being made within' just only 2 weeks in editor. (Arts starts from 9th July.)

We hope, that you will like it.

Please remember to vote, if you enjoyed playing Hearts Resonance. ^^

Download link will be update later

Download link available!!

Engine : RPG Maker VXA


NB : My computer Crashed T.T [Power Supply Problem] when the final version of this game has been completed. (The game doesn't have BGM play, but BGS/ME/SE still save, Status the game is still completed (all event clear) ), I'm so sorry but, I will still post it to here, because it must. (cz last year, I can't participate this event, and my friends are really worked hard for this game to be submitted in this contest). And the credit list (.txt) is not complete yet. Well, hope you will still like it. Oh, and you must still need RTP, although all component (Graphic, Sound, Data) has been compiled and encrypted, I don't know why? Well, That's all. Thanks to all of you guys! ^^


P.S: I'd like to deeply apologize for the update, which is late from the due deadline. But I prefer this way rather than seeing those who download it become disappointed because of the errors in the game and/or the game is not completed. When I tried to upload it, the PSU crashed, thus the update could only be done today. Truthfully I'd like to ask for leniency for this case, but if it is not allowed then we will accept whatever decision that will be given to our game. Thank you.

For the judges, here is the first version, I uploaded again in the new link (Because the first link cannot be reverted )

First Version - Hearts Resonance (For The Judges)


NB: Uploaded the new link. (non contest)