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Genre: Puzzle
Author: Admor Aloysious Aguilar
Added On: August 05, 2015 @ 7:43 AM
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Story Brief:

A scientist sent a tester which is you to test his experiments until in the middle of the session his robotics went haywire. You are then enclosed in a training ground, with the scientist hoping that you'll become enough to stop the robots after.


Think Out Of The Box is a 3D FPS Puzzle game which aims to tickle the player's minds through its puzzles. It makes the player literally think out of the box that they will encounter throughout the levels to solve a certain puzzle. Through the levels there will be a box that has a certain ability that the player can use to solve a puzzle and advance through the level. Scale, Make the box float, explode, and reveal things. Think out of the boxes you'll encounter and ace the levels.

Hi my team and I are small time developers who are thinking of ways on how they can improve themselves. Your feedback whether positive or negative is highly appreciated. We value your feedback as its the thing that makes our work much better, so please after you play this short demo leave a comment. Thank you and we hope you enjoy this short game or had at least a slice of "fun" with it.


  • Refer to the instructions tab of the main menu, or press the escape button while in-game to go to the pause menu and access the instructions tab there.

Install Instructions:

  1. Download the file.
  2. Extract the zip file anywhere in your windows computer.
  3. Launch the setup.
  4. After the setup finishes, launch the shortcut or the .exe that will be created by the setup.