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Ara: Ascension

Ara: Ascension
Ara: Ascension
Ara: Ascension
Ara: Ascension
Ara: Ascension
Ara: Ascension

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Genre: Action
Author: Akryum
Added On: August 05, 2015 @ 2:25 PM
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Ara: Ascension

Ara is alive. She awakes in a strange temple, unknown to her. With Shan (her sword) and Pathfinder (her gun), she will try to go out. Ara was supposed to be in jail, but now there she is.

Where will her steps lead?

Ara: Ascension is an action-platformer, where you controls Ara and fights the prison-planet robots in her way to freedom. With the help and Shan, your sword, and Pathfinder, your gun, user your powers, the elements and the physics to defeat event the toughest foes!


Physics-enabled world

The levels and all their content are fully physically simulated, so you can push your enemies, crush them under large rocks and restroy some parts of the terrain to get rid of them quicker. And because that's more stylish too.

18 different powers to unlock

As you fight your way through the game, you will earn skill points you can use to unlock new powers. A lot of them are active abilities (12 out of 18) that can have devastating effects on your foes. But be cautious not to go low on energy! (Don't worry, it regenerate if you don't move.)

Interact with water, fire and spark

There are three elements in the game : water, fire and spark. Each one can interact with things in the levels, including you. They also may be combined in some ways. Go try their effects to find new interesting ways to defeat your enemies!


  • Latest version of Flash Player
  • A good computer
  • Mouse & Keyboard

Important Notice

For optimal experience, it is recommended that you download the game by right-clicking the green 'Download Now!' button and select to save the link target to your computer.

Then, download this and open the game inside the standalone Flash Player. Use the View > Fullscreen in the menu to go Fullscreen.

If you are on Mac, please use this link instead to download the standalone Flash Player.


Move left [A] Shield [X]
Move right [D] Slow Time [C]
Jump [W] Shockwave [V]
Sword attack [Mouse left] Overcharge [R]
Gun attack [Mouse right] Water [1]
Multi-shot [Mouse middle] Fire [2]
Bulwark [Q] Spark [3]
Grenade [E] No Element [4]
Mega-bullet [Mouse left + right] Skills [K]
Blink [Space] Restart level [Escape]


Design, Art & Programming

Guillaume CHAU @Akryum





Special Thanks



Ash Entity Framework

Nape Physics



The Gimp


I hope you liked what you played!

This game was made in three weeks for the contest, and as I was running out of time, I had to cut a lot of story content and levels with different environement. I will maybe do a post-compo version with a real story (and more polish/optimization). :)

I may also release HTML5 and Native Windows/Mac/Linux versions, but they were not stable enough in time for the contest.