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Genre: Platformer
Author: Des
Added On: August 05, 2015 @ 4:59 PM
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A group of scientists landed on a foreign planet in order to study its potential as a new home for mankind. On the planet, one of the scientists discovered a strange creature and began to study it... then disaster struck.

Symbiote is an adventure-platformer where you explore the mysterious ruins of an alien planet, while searching out new abilities to reach new areas. 


  • The focus of the game is on the movement: tight, responsive controls allow for precise platforming.
  • Features hi-res, hand-drawn graphics and animations.
  • Put together the backstory from the crew's recorded messages, or feel free to ignore the story to get on with the action.
  • Collect sparks from defeated foes to upgrade your max health.
  • For completionists, find the five artifacts hidden throughout the world.
  • Playable with gamepad or keyboard. Gamepad STRONGLY recommended.
  • Support for multiple resolutions.


Design, art, programming and writing by Jason Perry. Soundtrack contributed by Shizu.

Thanks for playing. Have fun!