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grand healer part 1

grand healer part 1
grand healer part 1
grand healer part 1
grand healer part 1

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Genre: Action
Author: Joey V.
Added On: August 05, 2015 @ 6:17 PM
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The Green are plants that release a toxic gas, and recently there growth has been out of control. You play a boy skilled with fire magic who has set off on a quest to find out the source of the Green's rampant growth, and put an end to it.

Game Notes:

I wasted too much time making 60 FPS animations for the main character and the woodland sprite so I didn't have any time to work on sound for the game so feel free to listen to a MP3 or something while you play you aren't going to miss out on anything that way. I should have known that there was no way I as a solo game dev would have time for 60 FPS, but ambition got the best of me. ;)

Anyway this game has been a huge learning experience for me I hope you enjoy it.


Move with left and right with A & D, or left & right arrow keys.

Press space to use your fire attack.

You can walk over grass, but bushes must be burned to continue.

If you stay near a plant too long it's toxic gas will drain your air meter, keep moving forward, or burn all nearby plants to prevent air loss.

Burned plants will regrow in time, grass regrows faster, but the bushes' toxic gas spreads farther.

If you use the fire attack your stamina meter will be drained, and if you run out you can't use the fire attack.

Both the air and stamina meters regen over time, though they do so at different rates.

If you run out of air you lose, and if you reach the woodland sprite at the end of the level you win.

You will likely need to try several times to clear because the game is quiet challenging (I had to try 3 times to clear and I designed it).

Good luck, and have fun ^.^